"This specific Decepticon project has been classified by Lord Megatron for... scientific endeavours. However, I will tell you that it will enable the Decepticonz to conquer this world... Once and for all."  —Laserwave to Hornstrike

Project Destruction

Project Destruction, a more advanced Project Damocles


The Decepticon Project Destruction was an initiative to create a network of satellites in orbit around Earth, which would be able to target any location on the planet with Cybertronian lasers and enable the Decepticonz the ability to conquer the Earth once and for all. However, it was deemed classified to all but those in high-ranking posts. Soundwave is the key of this project, though he doesn't know it. Laserwave is heading the project.


On Cybertron, when he first formed the Decepticonz, Megatron initiated Project Destruction, with Laserwave as the head of the project. It was later abandoned when Laserwave left Cybertron in pursuit of the AllSpark, and never returned.

When Laserwave returned to Decepticon ranks, he retrieved the Destruction files from dormant Decepticon files aboard the Decepticon Chaos Fortress. Via communicator, Laserwave had Megatron send Soundwave to specific coordinates in North America, where he activated the Project D sequence. Soundwave was automatically transformed into a satellite and send up into space. To prove the true might of the Decepticonz, Laserwave used the satellite to target and destroy Manhattan, New York City. In response, the Autobots attempted to retaliate, using one of their human allies to hack into the satellite while the Autobots distracted the Decepticons. Laserwave used the satellite (Soundwave) to attack the Autobotz in defense. He knocked Ultra Magnus' ship out of the air with the satellite, but the Autobot survived. Raf Esquivel hacked into the satellite and used its own  maneuvering thrusters to push it out of orbit, resulting in it burning up in reentry and destroying Soundwave.